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Frequently Asked Questions



Are you for real?
Yes, we are absolutely serious. We pick up your dog poop for you and take it away, and we have been doing so since 1998! Enjoy all the benefits of owning a dog without needing to worry about the poop!
Why should I have my yard cleaned?
There are a number of reasons. Pet waste will not get tracked into your house and cars. Your yard will be more presentable. Feces attracts flies as well as other pests. Keeping your yard clean will protect your family and pets from health risks associated with pet waste. Pet waste can contaminate ground water.
Good points! How can I set up service?
You can call us at 877-579-3600, or send us an inquiry using the Signup form. We always try to respond within 48 hours.

Price & Payment

How much does this wonderful service cost?
The base price starts as low as only $10 per week. However, your price may vary depending on your specific situation, including where you live, the size of your yard, and how many dogs you own.  (pricing based on "weeks" of poop accumulation).
When is payment due?
Invoices are sent out 30 days before the end of each quarter. Please submit payment by the end of the quarter to avoid any interruption in service.
What happens if have pre-paid, and then go on vacation, need to stop my service, or my dog passes away?
We are happy to issue refunds or credits under these circumstances. Please call us or send us an email prior to your scheduled service day.
If you wish to stop your service, please contact us to let us know. We will continue to clean up for you and bill until we are notified otherwise.
Services can be terminated at any time due to nonpayment.
Do you have a reduced rate for elderly or disabled customers?
We may be able to accommodate you; please call us to discuss your situation.
Does the first visit cost extra?
If you are a first-time customer, there may be a one-time initial cleanup fee if there is an accumulation of poop.


What is your service area?
We service Southeastern New Hampshire and the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts. Please see our Service Area page for more details.
Do you work through the winter?
Yes, we continue to clean up your yard throughout the winter. If there is severe weather, particularly a heavy snowfall (you can't pick up what you can't see) we come out on the next available day. If snowfall is continuous through winter months there are factors that make weekly cleanup difficult;  Deep snow, access to areas that need cleaning, icy and potentially dangerous ice situations.  Please be patient, as we will be cleaning as the snow melts.  Alternatively, you can choose to suspend service for the winter, but there will be a one-time spring cleanup fee (additional fees apply) when you resume service later.  It is more cost efficient to pay the quarterly fee through the winter months.  Prices are based on weekly poop accumulation.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No, there are no contracts or minimum service periods and there is no advance notice required for cancellation.
Is it possible to just get a one-time service?
Sure! One-time service is very popular during the spring, but one-time service and short-term service can be arranged almost any time of year. Please call or email for details and a free quote.
Is it all right if my dog is home when you clean the yard?
It is best if your dog is kept indoors while we clean your yard so that no one (including the dog) gets hurt. We love dogs and we love to play with friendly dogs, but many dogs—even normally friendly ones—can become territorial if a stranger enters their yard. If your dog may be outside when we come, please make arrangements to introduce us in advance. If we need to schedule specific times to avoid dangerous situations, we are happy to do so.


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